2 Tips During Your Job Search (Stay Positive)

2 Tips During Your Job Search (Stay Positive)
Let us state the facts, finding a job can be a difficult process for some people. Having to search, and wait is not the most fun of things to do. 

Someone once said, "The best time to find a job, is when you have one." Well...yeah. That is no doubt ideal, but it really is not the case for everyone. With that said, how can you stay positive during the job search period? 

Here are 2 tips that can help you stay positive during the job search process: 

Remember, it is mostly a numbers game 

Have you ever worked in Sales? Or have you heard a Salesman explain how they reach quotas or numbers required of them? Typically, it is the volume of calls they make that allows them to reach the goal or quota they have. The more you call, the more chance you get of making a sale. 

Let's apply this now to job searching. Yes, it is possible that you might get lucky and be offered a job you love quickly. However, the chances are you are going to have to be on the hunt for a while before those interviews and prospects start coming in. So keep applying to jobs! The more you apply for, the more chances you have of getting a call. Pretty simple right? 

Remembering that it is a numbers game should help diverse job seekers understand that the more jobs applied to, the greater chance. Be encouraged! Apply! 

Look in the right places 

Have you ever heard of the saying “Work smarter, not harder”? Well, looking for a job is a challenging endeavor by itself without us needing to add extra difficulty on top of it. 

One thing to do when you search job postings from employers looking to hire for diversity and inclusion is to focus and give priority to those sites and resources that focus exclusively on jobs for diversity and inclusion. The reason is that can have a good idea that the jobs listed from employers on those sites are open to hiring diversity. 

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