Should you ever be dishonest on your resume?

Should you ever be dishonest on your resume?
Ever wondered if you should be dishonest on your resume to help you get a job? Or, have you done so? We are here to say that there is never a time to lie on your resume! It is common to ask the question, why? Why should I not lie on my resume? Below we explore a few reasons you should never lie on your resume:
It is unethical
Before we get into reasons why you may set yourself up for failure by lying to a prospective employer, we need to note that it is actually just plain unethical. TV shows have portrayed someone lying about who they are or what degree or background they have, but typically they end up getting caught and paying a big price.  Don’t do it!
The obvious answer to the question is NO! Do not ever lie on your resume. Why? Well, lets explore. It is unethical! One of the key attributes that an employer looks for in a potential candidate is honesty. Can I trust this individual in this position? 
Employers do not like it
First impressions stick. Maybe you get way with it, maybe you do not. However, if an prospective employer knows you lied on your resume they will not be able to trust you anymore. With the trust gone, it is something hard to repair and it could lead to you getting fired or worse!
It may hurt your career
Say you get the job you wanted by lying on your resume. Now that you have it, are you performing as expected? There is a good chance you may not perform as someone who has either the experience or education. In fact, it may lead to you getting fired. At this point, what is worse? Getting a job you wanted by lying, or now having experience in a job you wanted and having to explain to any future employers that you were fired for not doing a good job?
These types of things stay with you, and many employers use character as a reason they hire for a job in addition to qualifications. 
You might get caught
Do not think you will get away with it. These things have a way of coming back to get you! Maybe someone you knew from your past stops by, or maybe another coworker knows someone you know. Can you imagine the stress that would put on you! If you get caught, it may really be hard for you to find another job in the future.
Be honest, be transparent
I would bet many employers find value in a prospective employee who is honest, transparent and upfront. Maybe you do not have the exactly qualifications, but the employer hires you anyway because of your character. Do the right thing, and hiring managers or staff will find that valuable. If you still do not get the job, you at least set yourself up for success for the next one!

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