Staying Calm Before an Interview

Staying Calm Before an Interview
Staying calm before an interview: A job interview a worrisome experience. Whether you have done this before or this is your first time, you will ultimately want to stay calm before the interview. Below  are some tips to help stay calm and present who you are to the employer.

Prepare for the interview
If you are nervous about something, that typically means you care. However, if you are prepared for whatever you are doing that makes you nervous, you should remind yourself that you are ready for this.

There is nothing worse than going into an interview unprepared. Take time to go over the job description, do mock interviews with a friend or family member and get your answers to where you would like them.

Focus and clear your head
By taking a few deep breaths, you can slow down your heart rate and gain mental clarity. 

Take not of how your body is feeling, think of something that makes you feel calm and remember that you are prepared. Choose to focus on what you have done to prepare and decide to be confident.

Get Rest Beforehand
It is pretty common to be jittery and to have a heard time resting before an interview. However, what you do the days leading up to the interview can really help you be ready to go! 

If you have an interview in a week, take time each day to get good rest and prepare for it the best you are able to. This way, if you end up being nervous on the actual day you have given your body a chance to be strong.

Interview in Confidence
Confidence without preparation is not always a good thing, but confidence with preparation is in fact a good thing.

If you take time to prepare, collect your thoughts, and get rest prior to the interview, you will set yourself up for success. Have confidence in what you have prepared for and go into the interview ready to have the success you desire. 

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